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Powers Of Attorney

These are documents that enable you to give legal authority to a person or persons who you trust, to manage your affairs for you or make decisions on your behalf when you are not in a position to do so yourself.


It’s important for everyone to have a professionally drafted Will, one that you can be certain will be legally valid when you die, and achieves what you want it to do.


This is the process of what happens after someone dies. A more useful definition is ‘estate administration’ as applying for probate actually is only a small part of the whole process of estate administration.

After talking about it for 12 years my wife and I finally got round to doing something about it.

We arranged a home visit from Jenny and she explained everything in easy to understand terms, she put us at ease and we felt we could ask her anything without sounding stupid.

We received a draft copy to check and shortly afterwards had the final copy in our hands.

It was far easier than expected and not as expensive as I thought it would be.

I am quite happy to recommend Jenny to anyone as it turned out to be a pleasant experience (well as pleasant as will making can be).

Thank you Jenny